A Lot of Equipment looks Impressive but...

Knowing your tools is the most crucial part of any task. Only buy what you really need and use. Stay Organized and be productive. Less is more!

Simplicity = Productivity

To be as productive and focused as possible I reduced the amount of equipment in my studio to the absolute Minimum.
My whole studio was full of synthesizers, effects units and other acoustic instruments, I used o have hundreds of plugins and tools for any kind of task but…
it didn’t improve my productivity.

I have noticed that you work faster using just a few tools you know in and out.
And this is where knowledge of the basics of effects as well as technical equipment comes to play.
Know your tools and stay focused.

Know how & experience

With more than 13 years of productions and recording experience, continuous learning of music related topics and technics I have helped numerous artist to mold their career and record with the best quality possible.

Its frustrating and time intense to learn it all by yourself – thats why I decided to help artists achieve professional results with the things they got.

Dont get left behind!

Being an artist these days isn’t easy.
You’re expected to hustle and promote yourself, distribute your own brand and music and at the same time be a technical wiz to get that high-end professional studio sound. Sound familiar?

The truth is not everyone has the time, patience and money to invest into learning the latest and greatest recording, mixing and mastering techniques and building up an expensive array of home recording hardware and software.
Even if you do, it takes years of practice and try and errors to become proficient at engineering techniques and often you’ll just end up frustrated when your sound falls off compared with other music industry releases.

Sometimes all it might take is a good advice from an experienced engineer to get you sounding right. And guess what? Record labels, managers,
A&Rs and your listeners are increasingly demanding a professional sound. Don’t get left behind!

I got you covered!
At the moment I am planning a complete course from the absolute basics of technics, mics, preamps and digital technics to more advanced topics like acoustic treatment, recording techniques, vocal training and Mixing. The course also includes advices on what sotware to use, equipment recommendations and VSTs.

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