Ableton Max4live Devices - 5 Essential M4L production Tools


Gettin a coffee and croissant in the morning?

Or 5 very helpful max4live devices you can use for as long as you like and doesnt just give you a short “boost”.

Increase your production speed and simplify your workflow with this 5 tools i bet you cant live without!

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Micro Rider

“The art of manipulating dynamics may be divided into Macrodynamics and Microdynamics. I call music’s rhythmic expression, integrity or bounce, the microdynamics of the music. I call macrodynamics the loudness differences between sections of a song or a song-cycle.”

The perfect volume rider for mastering or Mixing, pro`s know what this thing is about 😉
Optimized for automation volume rides (1, 2, 3 & 4dB Volume Dials).



The precedence effect or law of the first wavefront is a binaural psychoacoustical effect. When a sound is followed by another sound separated by a sufficiently short time delay (below the listener’s echo threshold), listeners perceive a single auditory event; its perceived spatial location is dominated by the location of the first-arriving sound (the first wave front). The lagging sound also affects the perceived location. However, its effect is suppressed by the first-arriving sound.

The Haas effect is a psychoacoustical effect, described in 1949 by Helmut Haas in his Ph.D. thesis. It is often equated with the underlying precedence effect.
It is basically an advanced Haas delay with M/S, Delay and Output Volume Pots + a Highpass filter.
Simply a must have.
Comes in 3 different sizes (s, m, l) and 3 different colors!




There are some tools o calculate the time depending on the BPM for delays, modulations or/and other effects but there has been no device that does this easily in your daw. You could use a windoes app or a website calculator but they aren`t handy, workflow oriented and mostly cover only time or frequency.

With this device you can calculate Time, Frequency (for LFO or Tremelolo f.e.) and the samples from 8/1 to 1/128 .
Very helpful Time Calculator (BPM locked or custom bpm) – perfect for calculating LFO Times for vibrato, Choruses etc for parameters without a sync option. The Time can be applied as a delay to the incoming signal (good for reverb pre delays) => safes a lot of time.



When chopping samples you often want to release or sustain the sound longer than it actually is. With calculoop you can create precise loops that perfectly fit tempo wise in sampler.


Find the perfect Loop length in seconds!
Calculoop calculates the Loop length in Sampler with a given start sample number – you just have to dial in your loop length and enter the result in the sampler loop end field. BÄÄM!

Make sure your sampler is switched to samples (right click on the start number of the loop and choose “samples” not “seconds”.
Perfect for the ninja trick ( and when setting up loops for pads or synth sounds.


Whenever an engineer has trouble dialing in the EQ on a track, chances are its because of one or more of the 4 trouble frequency areas.

These are areas where too much or too little can cause your track to either stick out like a sore thumb, or disappear into the mix completely. Let’s take a look.

The most common problem areas in any mix and sound are covered with this device. Just dial in and enjoy less muddyness, less bumpyness just with a few tweaks.



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