High End Professional Mastering


The truth is not everyone has the time, patience and money to invest into learning the latest and greatest mastering techniques and building up an expensive array of home recording hardware and software. Even if you do, it takes years of practice to become proficient at engineering techniques and often youƒ??ll just end up frustrated when your sound falls off compared with other music industry releases. Sometimes all it might take is a fresh pair of ears to get you sounding right. And guess what? Record labels, managers, A&Rs and your listeners are increasingly demanding a professional sound.

Donƒ??t get left behind!


It is the last and most important step in the whole music production before yyour track is released:

It is a quality control – with objective ears and a high end critical listening environment to reveal potential issues and fix them (if possible).

Here you get a High End Professional Master you can trust.

Stereo Mastering

  • Single Track
  • Ideal for All Genres
  • Ideal for Mixtapes & Demos
  • Mastering includes Basic Equalization, Compression, Limiting, Ambience, Stereo Widening, Dynamic Expansion, Loudness Maximization, Low End Enhancement, Fades/Click/Pop Elimination,Noise Reduction
  • Delivered as 24-Bit Stereo WAV Master
  • 3 Free Revisions
  • Fast Turn Around (max. 5 workdays)
Premium Mixing

Unique Mixing style – developed over a dekade of experience


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