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You need a professional produced Custom Beat for your next project ?
I do that for you!
Youll get the premium license for profit use and the beat is released official one year after you bought the license!

You`ll get not only the custom beat but can also select one of 50 other beats as a bonus – for profit use!

I produced for numerous artists in the past 13 years and everyone is satisfied.

A beat can make or break your audience – so a dope beat is more important than a good voice or good marketing!

My production process is as follows:

I receive a deposit before I start work – 50%.
Then we start the project and proceed as follows:

Here is how i handle custom Beat productions:

First of all i like to use dropbox or googledrive to manage the files and licenses and a tool called “Meistertask” for project management and communication.

  1. You send me some beats in the way you imagine yours (the reference).
    You tell me what is most important to you – tempo, key, mood, arrangement, etc.
  2. I listen to your Reference and depending on the complexity of the beat I make you an offer.
    1. If you are down with the offer you pay 50% of the price.
  3. I start with the production and send you a first draft within 7 days with a voice tag (copy protection) in .mp3 format
  4. You give me feedback on what you would like to see differently and/or what you would like in addition. Additionally you tell me how the arrangement should be structured (intro, bridges, breaks, hooks, outro) – best in BARS (1 bar=4 beats).
  5. If necessary I will rework the beat up to 7 times until it is perfect.
  6. If the beat meets your expectations, I mix and master it and release it for you after the 2nd payment (50%) is completed.
    1. If the beat does not meet your expectation for any reason I will refund you our make you a good offer.


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