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How i came to music production (Bottom of the page)

Old or just Oldschool ?

We grew up without cell phones, Facebook or Internet.
We have witnessed the entire modern multidemial development, from the first cell phone with a color screen to Internet flat rates and smartphones.
If you wanted to share something, you could walk right by or call from the phone booth.

You talked to people instead of writing to them.

We had tapes that we exchanged and were flashed about the first Walkman CD players! That was cool 😀
And it almost seems to me that the focus of music back then was more on story and musicality, not so much on sound or technology (compared to today).

And that's exactly what I want to pass on to you:
Realness, direct communication, focus on the music and the rest is up to me!

priceless knowledge

13+ years experience
at your fingertips

Knowing whats important through a lot of projects with underground rappers and learning about common problems while writing or recording and in the studio, Maestro72 has developed solutions and workarounds for all that to support you with your music!

More than you expect

We want you to grow!

You can`t find similar premium oldschool beats with that modern vibe out there, and if so – you have to pay a lot more, miss professional feedback and most helpful & constructive Critique.

success is no coincidence

Being successful in the recording industry isn’t easy and artists have to get a lot of things right to create the next succesful project.Therefore choosing the right instrumentals for a track is more important than the lyrics and having professional and unique beats can make or break your scene because the right beats will help you connect better with your audience.If you’re looking for the best place to find dope oldschool beats online, you’re in the right spot.

My musical journey

I'm from Tübingen, a city in south germany near stuttgart, Swabia, where the miser (Geiz) is omnipresent;
So i always learned how to make the best out of less LOL.

My musical journey began when when i was 8 years old. My mom got me a digital piano and got my first piano lessions. I never really liked the lessions until I was at a point where I was able to improvise melodies and chords. At the age of 12 I got a yamaha keyboard with a floppy drive to save melodies and songs. It could play lot of different sounds with rhytms and i really freaked out - that thing was insane!

With 15 we moved to another place where i got new friends - thats when I discovered the rap culture.
At that time My friends and I often met to spray graffitis, breakdance and freestyle with beatbox. Man, this was dope!
The Rap thing was my thing and i was really into freestyle rap and writing lyrics.

The trigger

My cousin showed me some of his beats he made with the PS2, it was 2004 i think. Dont ask me what program or game it was but I remember there was an arrangement view and some clips or loops in it. And it sounded doope!

I was blown away!

That was the trigger of my rap production journey. Because it wasnt easy to get beats with ease back then and I had not enough money to buy beats I decided to produce my own beats - I had musical knowledge, Computer, keyboard and a Mic. The only thing that was missing was a music program...

Music programs

First I used Ejay, an idiot simple program with pre configured loops that you coul arrange.
Secondly I came to Magix music maker to go further and edit more.
Then Fruity Loops because of the simple sequencer and much more creative freedom.
And finally I switched to ableton because it gave me all the possibilities I couldn`t think of back then. The fact that Live is a "live performance" program caught me, because coming from the piano and jamming (freestyles) I was used to perform live in real time. And Ableton supported this kind of producing like no other daw and still does.


The sound of Tupac, Dr Dre, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Mobb Deep and Eminem has influenced me a lot. Even today I still listen to the "old" stuff very often, which in my opinion is still unrivalled by amost of the new music and new artists.

Kev Brown
Producer & Rapper
9th Wonder
Mobb Deep
R.I.P Progidy
Warren G
Producer / Rapper
Nate Dogg
Rapper / Singer


Help you get better at what you do, earn money with your music and guide you with years of knowledge and experience.

I`ve been through a lot of struggle and know how you can avoid mistakes and focus on your craft.

It is harder then ever to find the right tools nowadays because the market is saturated with both good and crap products, services and beats.


My goal is to support good rap and to produce beats that focus on the lyrical side of rap.
For that reason I produce very simple and mostly Raw Oldschool Rapbeats.
In my opinion, the focus of hip hop should be on the story and the performance of rap (flow) instead of extremely inflated beats.

Even today I still listen to the "old" stuff very often, which in my opinion is still unrivalled by amost of the new music and new artists.

If you feel the same way I`d love to hear from you 🙂

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